1: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/:2016/05/22(日) 08:04:41.06 ID:9AksKbJn0.net 「セーラー服姿の女の子の集団に目を向けると、愛子さまがいらっしゃったんです。お友達と笑顔でお話しされていましたが、なんだかテレビなどで 目にする愛子さまと違った印象を受けました。髪形でしょうか、とても明るく女性らしい雰囲気で…」(目撃した観光客) http://zasshi.news.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20160522-00000010-pseven-soci

【画像あり】柴犬・文太くんお手柄 女性のピンチ救う

【画像あり】柴犬・文太くんお手柄 女性のピンチ救う

【画像あり】柴犬・文太くんお手柄 女性のピンチ救う 1: かばほ~るφ ★:2016/04/27(水) 10:34:41.29 ID:CAP_USER*.net 柴犬・文太くんお手柄 女性のピンチ救う 2016年4月26日 23:43警察犬も顔負けのお手柄だ。26日の朝早く、鳥取県八頭町の水路で高齢の女性が 動けなくなっているのが見つかったが、女性を救ったのは可愛らしい柴犬だった。 柴犬・文太くん(オス・3)は、26日朝の散歩中、いつもとは違う方向に進み、 水路に向かってほえ始めたという。 文太くんの飼い主・澤田純一さん(76)「この辺からキャンキャンワンワンいうから、 何があったのかなと思っ […]



【癒されない猫カフェ】6畳間に60匹!……超過密猫カフェに業務停止命令 1: オリンピック予選スラム(京都府)@\(^o^)/:2016/04/21(木) 20:26:11.09 ID:jGTynfsQ0●.net NHKニュース ———- 猫カフェ 全国初の業務停止処分東京・墨田区の猫とふれあうことのできる喫茶店「猫カフェ」が、猫を繁殖さ せすぎたうえ、病気をまん延させるなど適正な管理をしていなかったとして、東 京都はこの店を動物愛護法に基づいて21日から30日間の業務停止処分にしま した。都によりますと、猫カフェの業務停止処分は全国で初めてだということで […]



【話題】「うちの子を作って!」猫をリアルに再現する羊毛フェルト作家に依頼が殺到 画像を見て、誰もが一瞬「生きている猫の画像」だと思うだろう。 実はすべて羊毛フェルトで作られたものだ。

釈由美子 愛犬に日本酒飲ませて死亡!


釈由美子 日本酒を飲んで愛犬が死す!享年1歳。 「私の命よりも大切な愛犬のこころが2月25日の深夜、亡くなりました。主人が晩酌していた日本酒のおちょこに顔を突っ込んで目を離していたすきに、少量なめていたそうです」



聞きたいことあるんやけど…、この画像の子ってクマ?それとも犬? 1: あずささん ★:2016/01/08(金) 17:33:31.71 ID:CAP_USER*.net みなさん、犬と熊を完璧に見分けられるだろうか? 「馬鹿にしてんのか」という声が聞こえてきそうだが、 落ち着いて欲しい。犬種や個体にもよるが、犬の赤ちゃんと熊の赤ちゃんの中には、「どっち?」と 思ってしまうほど、区別がつかないものもいるぞ。 例えば、これから紹介する1枚の写真に写っている動物がそうだろう。何とも可愛らしいのだが、 これは……熊? それとも……犬? ──と、海外ではちょっとした論争にまでなってしまったようなのだ。 […]

死ぬ寸前の犬 助けた外国のおっさんが話題にwwwwwww

EAST ANGLIA NEWS SERVICE, tel 07767 413379

Derek Shaw, 54, leans over the cliff at Cromer, Norfolk, to rescue a trapped dog

EAST ANGLIA NEWS SERVICE, tel 07767 413379

Pictures of rescue available

A heroic holidaymaker dangled himself over a 250ft high cliff with his wife hanging on to his ankles to rescue a dog which was trapped on a ledge.

Lorry driver Derek Shaw, 54, and wife Ann, 53, were out for a clifftop walk when they spotted the border collie clinging on a ledge six feet below them.

The father-of-two who is 6ft 1ins tall and weighs 17 stone bravely lay down in strong winds and spent five minutes reaching over the edge and trying to grab the dog.

His wife and passer-by Ashley Sallis, 66, finally held his ankles so he could lower himself even further down the cliff at Cromer, Norfolk, at 11am on Tuesday.

The dog then stood up on its six inch wide ledge, allowing Mr Shaw to grab its collar and drag it up to safety near the Royal Cromer Golf Club.

Mrs Shaw dialled 101 and was put in touch with a council dog warden who realised that the dog called Millie had been reported missing on Monday.

She and her husband carried on walking with five-year-old Millie to nearby Overstrand where the pet was reunited with her owner’s girlfriend.

The drama happened while Mr Shaw and his wife who live in Leicester were staying at a friend’s apartment in Cromer for a pre-Christmas break.

Mr Shaw said: “We were walking along the clifftop as we like to do when we saw this couple on the beach waving their arms and shouting.

“We couldn’t really hear what they were saying as it was so windy. Then finally I looked over the edge, and saw this collie dog.

“It was only on a tiny ledge and it had dug its claws into the sand so it could cling on. It looked like it could have gone over if it moved.

“Some golfers turned up because the cliff is by the golf course and we stood around for five minutes discussing what to do.

“I love dogs and I just didn’t want to leave it there. Nobody was doing anything so I decided to lean over and tried to coax the dog into standing up.

“It was just out of my reach and I couldn’t get it to move. I was talking to the dog and it looked like it was scared stiff.

“My wife and this other guy grabbed hold of my ankles to stop me going over. Then the dog seemed to sense that I was trying to help and I stood up.

“It was just high enough for me to grab hold of its collar and pull it back to the top of the cliff.

“Looking back it was probably a bit of a stupid thing to do, but when you are a dog lover you do not think.

“The cliffs are sandy and hot a sheer drop. If I had fallen, I would probably have only tumbled down for 10ft and got stuck in some gorse.”

Mr Shaw used the strap on his bum bag as a makeshift lead to walk the dog to Overstrand after being told that the owners were there.

He then handed the pet back to tearful Laurel Bowes, 19, who is the girlfriend of the dog’s owner Bobby Baker, 24, of Marsham, Norfolk.

Mr Shaw said: “We contacted the owners through the dog warden and arranged to meet them in the pub car park at Overstrand.

“But we had just reached the village when they spotted us. The dog was overjoyed to see them and it was really nice to reunite them.

Mrs Shaw, a school secretary in Leicester, said: “It was a bit dangerous, but Derek was determined to get the dog.”

Millie went missing at 2.30pm on Monday when she was spooked by an Alsatian while being walked by Mr Baker’s cousin Laura Childerhouse, 19, of Aylsham, Norfolk.

It is not known how long the dog was trapped on the cliff before being rescued.

Miss Bowes of Ashill, Norfolk, said: “We contacted the police, vets, dog wardens and radio stations. We also went round giving out posters and our numbers.

“I started crying when she came back. Her face when she saw me was lovely.

“I offered Derek money but he wouldn’t take it and we can’t thank everyone enough for the support in finding her.

“We had people saying they’d seen her throughout the night and I breathed such a sigh of relief  when she was finally with us.

“She’s now back and settled and has been asleep for most of the day.”

Photographer Beverley Sallis, 59, took the dramatic pictures of Mr Shaw trying to save the dog while on holiday in the area with her husband Ashley.

Mrs Sallis of Tamworth, Staffordshire, said: “We were walking along when we say this guy lying down and reaching over the cliff.

“I though at first that he had lost a golf ball – then we realised he was trying to get a dog that was just out of his reach

“It looked very precarious and at one point we thought he was about to go over the edge. He could easily have fallen head first down the cliff.

“My husband helped grab his legs and I think that meant he could reach down a little lower and get it.

“It was a very slippy area of cliff and the dog was literally clinging on. It looked quite young and it didn’t seem fazed by its ordeal at all.”


死ぬ寸前の犬 助けた外国のおっさんが話題にwwwwwww 崖から落ちそうな犬を散歩中のおっさんが見つけ助けたことが、イギリス中で話題になっています。すごい!と思うが、何故そこにカメラがあり撮影されているのかが違和感たっぷりでならないのは俺だけだろうか。。。。。 1: 腕ひしぎ十字固め(四国地方)@\(^o^)/:2015/12/26(土) 13:27:48.69 ID:kf8q9qyQ0●.net イギリス北ノーフォーク地方で、散歩中の男性が100メートルの高さの崖から 落ちそうになっていたコリー犬を命がけで救出しました。 その日、デレック・ショウさん(54)は奥さんのアンさんと散歩していまし […]